My time at RSC is wrapping up.  One more week to go, and then it’s back to London and, in some ways, the ‘real’ end of school for me.  This is my final time-obligation finished and marks the beginning of the search for a job.  The question is…  What job?  My skills are varied and sometimes I think this sort of diversification has hurt me as much as it’s helped.  I am a director and a writer.  Somewhere along the way I started doing lighting technical work and then lighting design, and I got good at both the technical and the creative sides of that work.  But in this world there are always more calls for technicians than there are calls for creatives.
Sometimes I think it would be a better career move, if I must fill the gap with some kind of work that’s not the work I want to be doing and the work for which I have honed my skills and gone to school, to take work in some completely unrelated field (restaurant work, temping in administrative, or some other drudgen…  The problem with working in the theatre as a tech is that people get the idea that you’re a tech (which means not a director or designer).  Other times I think…  Any foot in the door’s a foot more than I have now…  Maybe it would be better to work from within…  It’s such a dizzying question.  What to do.  Where to go.  Ideally my next move is to assistant direct on a few productions for a nominal rate and to gain exposure and experience that way for a little while, maybe directing one or two productions of my own on the side.
The job market’s such an abysmal nightmare right now that there may not be much choice either way.  I think it’s pretty much a question of applying for just about anything and everything that I hear about until someone bites.  It’s been easy to get work as long as I’ve been giving it away (internships, placements, and volunteer work), but I suspect it’s going to be a little harder going now that money’s become a factor.  Oh well.