Returning to text.  I find things aren’t the same for me anymore.  I find myself getting bothered by naturalistic, indicative acting.  Or…  I guess what you’d call…  Acting.  I mean, it’s maybe a skill thing.  It’s the appearance of acting…  Or is it the acting itself?  I think it’s interesting to watch people being.  I mean what’s really interesting is looking at ourselves.  What we look like-what we-how we reach.  Our lives.  We want to look at human relationships.  We want to see cause and effect.  We want to see sex.  We want to see things we’re not supposed to see.  I dunno — it all seems like smokescreens to me in a way…  The other day I heard someone talking about a show and the word he used was ‘acting’.  It was a discussion about why this person didn’t like a show and the reason he gave was that ‘it was acting’  as in — not something experimental or something daring…  Something immersive…  I think it’s a bit like the reality tv craze.  Really, it’s all ‘acting’.  All of it.  It’s about skill and novelty and … I dunno…  What’s new and exciting.  But to blanket categorize things and say labels like ‘acting’ -like-the establishment or something…  Okay…  This play’s gotta be directed and it’s gonna be directed.